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*total amount for the bride is $200, $100 must be received to book, remaining due day of.

how do i book hair by theresa for my wedding? 

step 1          on “book now” page select button “REQUEST THERESA FOR YOUR WEDDING” and fill out the request form

step 2          wait to receive a date confirmation email from Theresa.

step 3          download bridal form on the “brides” page, fill it out, print, and mail with a $100 check to the address given in the date confirmation email

step 4          once $100 deposit + form are received you will get a booking confirmation email. Only then is your wedding date booked and secured.

step 5          book your trial hair date! congratulations you are done!

please note:   if you do not hear from me within a week, please reach out to follow up. i do my best to keep up during the busy season, this would help immensely

Do you have more than one stylist?  

i have an assistant that helps me prep everyone so that i can get though everyone in a timely matter, that will be discussed upon booking. 

Do i pay anything on the day of trial?               

no, but tips are appreciated :) 

are trial appointments necessary? and why does bridal hair cost more than bridesmaid hair?

trials are required for the bride.  I block off 2 hours to spend with you. This allows me to get to get to know more about you, your wedding style, what your dress is like and what your hair goals are. Bridal styles are typically more elaborate and extra time and care is important on your special day.

  • PLEASE NOTE: no trial runs can be booked on Saturdays 

do you travel on site? do you have a location? 

yes, but i do also have a studio location that you will be visiting for the trial run.

what are you prices? 

my pricing is all listed under "book now", otherwise i can send you a menu for you and your party.

When do i book a hair trial? 

It is recommended that you book your trial 1 – 2months out from your wedding date. Only schedule this appointment after you’ve received your booking confirmation.

How long does it take per person? 

I typically say about 45 min per person, however this does depend on length, thickness and desired style. From experience, 45 min per person is best when determining timing day of.

what if I don't have the exact number of people getting hair done?  

try and reach out to your bridesmaids prior to sending the form in. if you do not have confirmation from them / timing, send to the best of your knowledge and update me via email as soon as this is all confirmed. i will help determine timing based on the final count of people getting hair done.

what form of payment do you prefer/accept? 

Deposits are by mail in check only.

services rendered Day of I accept all major credit cards, Venmo, but cash is preferred. Please no check on day of services. 

I DO NOT take payment over the phone

can i come back for another trial if i change my mind? 

absolutely, the 2nd trial will not be included in the initial charge, you will pay for any remaining trials and can book them anytime online. 

my bridal party will be paying for themselves separately, is there an efficient way to do this? 

everyone can pay me directly after they are finished with hair, or when everyone is finished, i will keep track of services performed and payment.

Will you travel to two different locations for getting ready? for an example start at the hotel then head to the venue when they let us in? 

yes, but there is a a $100 fee for moving locations